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Athletic Mission Statement

Consistent with the mission at Saint Mary’s College High School, the athletic department strives for excellence. By offering students model programs and mentors that work to develop high standards of scholarship, leadership, athletic instruction, and sportsmanship, athletics at Saint Mary’s College High School considers each student an individual and makes his or her personal welfare its highest priority. Therefore, while winning records and championship banners are appreciated and valued, they cannot stand alone as the sole barometer of success. Instead, success must be defined and measured by asking ourselves how well we prepared our student-athletes for a successful life in our society?


Thus, it has become the overriding goal of this athletic administration to maintain broad-based programs the equal of any in the league or section while at the same time viewing competition as the means to a healthy respect of self and others; to field teams that compete at the highest levels of league and section play while at the same time promote traditional values of honesty, integrity, commitment and hard work; to provide coaches and mentors whose expertise, knowledge, and passion in their respected fields is second to none, but who also regard themselves first and foremost as teachers whose goals include the mandate to educate student-athletes in the Catholic LaSallian tradition; and to insure that facilities, equipment, personnel, and all other forms of support are provided so that all student-athletes are provided a supportive environment, receive fair and equitable treatment and are provided an equal chance to succeed.


Despite the challenges that come along with “pursuing victory with honor”, Saint Mary’s College High School is committed to settling for nothing less. The past has proven that our athletic programs can, indeed, produce teams and programs that encompass whole hearted success. Each coach, parent and athlete has a part to play if these program goals are to be accomplished. By establishing an understanding of each of our responsibilities, we are better able to accept the actions of others and provide greater benefit to our student-athletes.